How to Steam Clothes Without a Steamer

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This is actually a way of removing wrinkles from clothes using steam.

The following are ways that you can use to remove wrinkles from clothes using steamer for clothes.

Using a blow dryer

First you dampen the outfit you are to wear so as to be able to use the blow-dryer. Don’t make it too wet just a little for you not to make it very wet you can use a spray bottle to do that. You are then supposed to turn the dryer on a setting that is actually low.

Steamerl To avoid making it very hot the dryer should be held inches away let us say two inches away from the cloth.

l You can also hang the cloth that is wrinkled first then focus the dryer’s heat on the cloth, from a distance to avoid burning the cloth.

Using a tea kettle

Boiling water until it is very hot in a kettle is another way that provides steam that can be used to remove wrinkles from clothes. You are supposed to hold the kettle approximately 12 inches away from the cloth to prevent damaging of the attire.

Putting the wrinkled clothe in the shower

It is one of the fastest way of removing wrinkles from can actually help save you time. You are supposed to open the shower and ensure that the water is hot. Then shut the doors of your bathroom so that the steam does not escape.

l You should hang the clothes that are wrinkled on top of the rod (shower). Close the bathroom. Then close the window and try as much as possible to fill up the space at the bottom of the door. This is to prevent any steam from leaking out.

l For the steam to remove the wrinkles from the clothes it takes a couple of minutes approximately 15 minutes. You should ensure that water does not get on the cloth. So this means you should direct the head of the shower away from the cloth.

l You should ensure that the cloth is closer to the heat and the water as much as possible but not close enough to make them wet this helps in minimizing water loss. After doing all that you are good to go.

These are some of the ways you can steam your clothes without using a steamer.