How To Fit Wiper Blades

How To Fit Wiper Blades

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The importance of wiper blades cannot be ignored. The blades make driving safe during rainy, snowy or icy conditions. Neglecting the windshields wipers may land the driver and the other car occupants in hazardous situations.

Knowing When To Change The Blades

l When it is past the physical prime and begins showing signs of cracking or discoloration

l The quality of wiping: Un-wiped areas ad streaking is an indication that the blades need changing/replacing.

l Blades that make noise or chattering sounds

The blades should be changed on a regular basis

Fitting wiper blades

Here is a basic guideline for fitting wiper blades

  1. Remove the old wiper blade now

For those with plastic clips, undo it. It is found at the bottom of the blade. Slide the insert out of the wiper.

  1. Trimming the new blade to length

Most inserts of the wipers will need some trimming. There are little indentations on the stainless steel trip, found inside the blade. It makes cutting easier. A pair of side cutters will be used:

Measure the old blade against the new one. It will give more accurate measurements.

Using the side cutters, mark where you would like to make a cutting on the new blade. It is important to note that the new blade should be slightly longer as it will shrink with time.

Pull the section of the strip that needs trimming. It is located inside the blade.

Break off the stainless strip from where the mark was made. It should snap off with a lot of ease.

Put back the strip in the blade. Trim the end of the wiper using the side cutters

  1. Threading the new blade in the wiper

Thread the new blade to the wiper from the bottom end. It is important to do so that the blades can work effectively while in use. It keeps the blade secure.