How To Deflate A Soccer Ball

How To Deflate A Soccer Ball

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Whether you have large inflatable soccer ball or inflatable soccer ball or over-inflated your soccer ball and need to take a little air out, or whether you want to pack away your ball for easy storage or convenient transport, knowing how to deflate a soccer ball is an essential piece of knowledge. Failing to deflate your soccer ball correctly can result in puncture damage to the air bladder contained inside the ball which will render the ball useless. However using the correct technique will help to preserve the life of the ball and keep it in good working order for years to come.

Using An Inflation Needle

deflate your soccer ball the right way
Deflate your soccer ball the right way

The best way to deflate a soccer ball is to use a proper inflation needle that has been designed specifically for this purpose. You can purchase one of these needles in a sports goods store. While the majority of balls will have a valve which is the same size and which requires a universal-sized needle, some soccer balls may need a different size, so it is wise to check this by taking the ball to the store with you.

Once you have purchased the correct sized needle, the next task is to use it to deflate your ball. You will need to check your ball carefully for a valve, which is a small hole that protrudes into the ball’s inner rubber bladder. Often, you will discover the valve on your soccer ball either below or above the information relating to the ball’s weight and size.

Once you have located the valve, moisten it with a little water and lubricate the needle also. Then insert the needle slowly into the hole. Push it in to half of its length, and then push it at a right angle away from the center. This has the effect of making the hole larger, and you should now hear the hissing sound of air escaping from the ball. Once you hear this, hold the needle still in the same position. It is important to hold the ball tightly at this point in order to squeeze out the air fully while preventing the needle from damage or snapping. Once the ball has deflated fully, or to the desired level, remove the needle.

Deflating A Soccer Ball Without A Needle

If you find that you need to deflate a soccer ball, but have no inflation needle in order to accomplish the task, there are a few other ways in which you can achieve your goal. One way is to place the ball inside a refrigerator, as the cold causes the air inside the ball to contract. You can simply keep the ball in a cold environment until it has fully deflated. Alternatively, you could always try deflating your soccer ball using a paperclip. All you need to do is straighten it out and then moisten it in the same way as you would with a regular inflation needle. Insert it into the ball’s valve and push it at right angles to the center of the ball, just as you would with the needle. Take care, however, not to hurt yourself with the sharp ends of the pin.