How to Steam Clothes Without a Steamer

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This is actually a way of removing wrinkles from clothes using steam.

The following are ways that you can use to remove wrinkles from clothes using steamer for clothes.

Using a blow dryer

First you dampen the outfit you are to wear so as to be able to use the blow-dryer. Don’t make it too wet just a little for you not to make it very wet you can use a spray bottle to do that. You are then supposed to turn the dryer on a setting that is actually low.

Steamerl To avoid making it very hot the dryer should be held inches away let us say two inches away from the cloth.

l You can also hang the cloth that is wrinkled first then focus the dryer’s heat on the cloth, from a distance to avoid burning the cloth.

Using a tea kettle

Boiling water until it is very hot in a kettle is another way that provides steam that can be used to remove wrinkles from clothes. You are supposed to hold the kettle approximately 12 inches away from the cloth to prevent damaging of the attire.

Putting the wrinkled clothe in the shower

It is one of the fastest way of removing wrinkles from can actually help save you time. You are supposed to open the shower and ensure that the water is hot. Then shut the doors of your bathroom so that the steam does not escape.

l You should hang the clothes that are wrinkled on top of the rod (shower). Close the bathroom. Then close the window and try as much as possible to fill up the space at the bottom of the door. This is to prevent any steam from leaking out.

l For the steam to remove the wrinkles from the clothes it takes a couple of minutes approximately 15 minutes. You should ensure that water does not get on the cloth. So this means you should direct the head of the shower away from the cloth.

l You should ensure that the cloth is closer to the heat and the water as much as possible but not close enough to make them wet this helps in minimizing water loss. After doing all that you are good to go.

These are some of the ways you can steam your clothes without using a steamer.

Sewing Machine For Children

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If there is a child in your life who loves to sew and create things in that way or if you know a child who could use a new hobby, you need to find a sewing machine that is made to be used by children. There is such a sewing machine out there, and you will find that sewingAuthority will help you get set up with what you need. Whether you are buying the sewing machine as a gift or you are simply going to own the machine and let children use it, you need to find a good one that will do its work in a good way.

sewing-machineLook for a sewing machine that keeps things simple for the children that use it. Children need to have things kept simple or they will need a lot of adult help in order to get anything accomplished. If you have a child who is going to be using the sewing machine that you are buying, then you need to make sure that the sewing machine is one that will be simple enough for that child to understand. You need to find something that a child will be able to operate with ease.

As you are choosing a sewing machine for a child, you should find one that is the right size for a kid. There are some sewing machines that are made in a way that is smaller than the typical machine because that makes them easier for a child to use. When you are buying a sewing machine for a child, make sure that you find one that is made in a size that works for that child. Look for a sewing machine that was made specially for children and that is going to work out well for the child in your life.

How Much Does It Really Cost To Repair A Watch?

How Much Does It Really Cost To Repair A Watch?

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I used to work at a watch store throughout college. One of craziest things I found was that customers never knew how much they expected to pay for simple watch repairs. Here is what you should be looking at for the most common watch repairs.

Replacing the Watch’s Battery

Average Price – $6 dollars

If you walk up to a watch kiosk and they want to charge you anything more than 10 dollars for a battery – WALK AWAY. Battery replacements are one of the easiest repairs a guy can make. Where I worked we would replace batteries for 4 dollars. Now, the reason we made it so cheap is because we wanted people to look around at our selection and buy another watch. But honestly, the average watch battery replacement takes 3-5 minutes.

Adding or Removing Links

Average Price: FREE

You should never pay to get your watch resized – ever. If you have the ability to go back to the store where you originally bought your watch – they will absolutely size it for free. If they didn’t do that, how would they expect to keep customers? When a watch repairman takes links out they use a small hammer and mallet to pop out the links one by one. You may think that this sounds tedious, it is. But, that doesn’t mean you should pay for it! A good watch store should even bring you a little bag with your links in it.

Fixing Internal Mechanics

Price: Depends on the complexity of the watch – Shouldn’t pay over 75 dollars.

I used to have customers come into my shop thinking that they would pay 10 dollars if they had messed up the entire mechanics of their watch. Watchmakers were known as fine craftsmen for a reason people. The tiny little pieces that make up the inside of a watch are extremely intricate and most people CANNOT save a watch once event the gears get out of line. What people don’t understand is that a watch is built in layers – like a cake. If you break something that is deep into the layers, we would have to remove TONS of stuff just to find what is broken. In short, if the second hand on your watch starts wiggling around, unless you have a Rolex you are kind of screwed.

In summary, buy a high-quality watch that is going to last. Or buy from a company that gives a great warranty.

Best Portable Garment Steamer for Soccer Cloths

Best Portable Garment Steamer for Soccer Cloths

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A garment steamer is a handy equipment that is used to remove wrinkles that form on clothes. Portable garment steamers are appliances that are easy to use and also convenient in comparison to irons. Portable garment steamers are gentle on almost all fabrics.

Fabric steamers work easily by simply placing a piece of clothing on a hanger and run the steamer up and down while covering all the parts of the cloth until all the wrinkles disappear. Fabric portable steamers help to get rid of bacteria and odor on clothes, especially due the high temperatures

Portable garment steamers are convenient for traveling. There are different ranges of portable garment steamers. Ensuring the right appliance is bought is critical. Therefore, it is important to note the basic usage of the appliance. There are some essential aspects that buyers need to consider in the purchase.

Portability And Combined Functionality

The mobility of the portable garment steamers is suitable for traveling or when one requires an instant straightening of clothes. Small sized portable steamers are at times disadvantageous since it produces a small amount of steam, unlike the larger ones. It is critical that one chooses the right appliance suitable for their needs.

Types Of Water Tank

Water tank in the portable garment steamers is used to reserve water for the purpose of releasing steam. Different types of steamers will come with different tank sizes. The larger the water tank, the longer the period, it will produce steam.

On the other hand, it loses its ability to be easily portable. The best portable garment steamers have the capacity to heat up the water for less than 2 minutes and produce steam for around 1 hour.


The best portable garment steamers have a trigger or a dial. The trigger helps the user to regulate and control the amount of steam that is released from the unit. This ensures safety of using the gadget and protecting the user from harm.

Additional Accessories

The best portable garment steamers in the market provided the tools required during the steaming process. Some of the portable steamers come will have cloth hangers to give support to the clothes during steaming. They also attach equipment that helps in the cleaning of curtains, mattresses, and upholstery.

The best portable garment steamer should be light and portable with a capacity to iron and disinfect clothes. It releases steam after at least 45 seconds of heating up and can last up to 12 minutes.

Soccer Pregnancy - Too Much Sleep

Soccer Pregnancy – Too Much Sleep

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It is said to be very normal to feel tired during your pregnancy. The reason being that your body is going through so many changes and is working extra hard to nurture and protect the life that is growing inside of you. However, too much sleep can be a bad thing, just like a serious lack of it is not good. Pregnancy too much sleep can make for an unhealthy pregnancy just like a pregnancy with little to hardly no sleep is. Simple as that.
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What are some of the changes happening to a pregnant woman?

Some of the changes that she will experience will tend to range greatly. However, let it be known, the specific time that a pregnant woman will probably sleep the most through her entire pregnancy happens in the first trimester. Why is that? The answer is a simple one to give. A pregnant woman’s body is experiencing a lot of physical, more information,  things such as the placenta is just beginning to form. her body is producing far more blood, and the heart is pumping way more than before.

Pregnancy is very fatiguing in description

Pregnancy itself can indeed make an expectant mother very tired. Fatigue is a fact of life during pregnancy. The very same can be said about bladder pressure, leg pain, other uncomfortable aches and pains associated with pregnancy. They all are things, which do come together unfortunately, and all of these hindrances are the very thing that can lead to pregnancy too much sleep or pregnancy too little sleep.

Pregnancy subjects a woman to all sorts of hormonal changes as well

Pregnancy too much sleep can be all about the host of rapid and unpredictable changes that are taking place within a woman’s body. These changes are varied and can occur without the expectant mother knowing they are going on. During pregnancy, there is a definite rise in a hormone called progesterone, and what this hormone does is to have a sedative like quality over pregnant women. This fact is something that is very true and could be the reason why she sleeps more during the daytime.

How To Fit Wiper Blades

How To Fit Wiper Blades

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The importance of wiper blades cannot be ignored. The blades make driving safe during rainy, snowy or icy conditions. Neglecting the windshields wipers may land the driver and the other car occupants in hazardous situations.

Knowing When To Change The Blades

l When it is past the physical prime and begins showing signs of cracking or discoloration

l The quality of wiping: Un-wiped areas ad streaking is an indication that the blades need changing/replacing.

l Blades that make noise or chattering sounds

The blades should be changed on a regular basis

Fitting wiper blades

Here is a basic guideline for fitting wiper blades

  1. Remove the old wiper blade now

For those with plastic clips, undo it. It is found at the bottom of the blade. Slide the insert out of the wiper.

  1. Trimming the new blade to length

Most inserts of the wipers will need some trimming. There are little indentations on the stainless steel trip, found inside the blade. It makes cutting easier. A pair of side cutters will be used:

Measure the old blade against the new one. It will give more accurate measurements.

Using the side cutters, mark where you would like to make a cutting on the new blade. It is important to note that the new blade should be slightly longer as it will shrink with time.

Pull the section of the strip that needs trimming. It is located inside the blade.

Break off the stainless strip from where the mark was made. It should snap off with a lot of ease.

Put back the strip in the blade. Trim the end of the wiper using the side cutters

  1. Threading the new blade in the wiper

Thread the new blade to the wiper from the bottom end. It is important to do so that the blades can work effectively while in use. It keeps the blade secure.

How To Deflate A Soccer Ball

How To Deflate A Soccer Ball

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Whether you have large inflatable soccer ball or inflatable soccer ball or over-inflated your soccer ball and need to take a little air out, or whether you want to pack away your ball for easy storage or convenient transport, knowing how to deflate a soccer ball is an essential piece of knowledge. Failing to deflate your soccer ball correctly can result in puncture damage to the air bladder contained inside the ball which will render the ball useless. However using the correct technique will help to preserve the life of the ball and keep it in good working order for years to come.

Using An Inflation Needle

deflate your soccer ball the right way
Deflate your soccer ball the right way

The best way to deflate a soccer ball is to use a proper inflation needle that has been designed specifically for this purpose. You can purchase one of these needles in a sports goods store. While the majority of balls will have a valve which is the same size and which requires a universal-sized needle, some soccer balls may need a different size, so it is wise to check this by taking the ball to the store with you.

Once you have purchased the correct sized needle, the next task is to use it to deflate your ball. You will need to check your ball carefully for a valve, which is a small hole that protrudes into the ball’s inner rubber bladder. Often, you will discover the valve on your soccer ball either below or above the information relating to the ball’s weight and size.

Once you have located the valve, moisten it with a little water and lubricate the needle also. Then insert the needle slowly into the hole. Push it in to half of its length, and then push it at a right angle away from the center. This has the effect of making the hole larger, and you should now hear the hissing sound of air escaping from the ball. Once you hear this, hold the needle still in the same position. It is important to hold the ball tightly at this point in order to squeeze out the air fully while preventing the needle from damage or snapping. Once the ball has deflated fully, or to the desired level, remove the needle.

Deflating A Soccer Ball Without A Needle

If you find that you need to deflate a soccer ball, but have no inflation needle in order to accomplish the task, there are a few other ways in which you can achieve your goal. One way is to place the ball inside a refrigerator, as the cold causes the air inside the ball to contract. You can simply keep the ball in a cold environment until it has fully deflated. Alternatively, you could always try deflating your soccer ball using a paperclip. All you need to do is straighten it out and then moisten it in the same way as you would with a regular inflation needle. Insert it into the ball’s valve and push it at right angles to the center of the ball, just as you would with the needle. Take care, however, not to hurt yourself with the sharp ends of the pin.